Others teach girls about a wide range of topics — from IT and science to menstruation https://asian-date.net/central-asia and virginity, filling the gap in the absence of formal sex education in schools. Turkey also exerts considerable influence in the region on account of its ethnic and linguistic ties with the Turkic peoples of Central Asia and its involvement in the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.

In 2011, construction https://conocimientoscompartidoslam.wordpress.com/2023/02/10/online-dating-guide-10-tips-to-create-a-winning-profile/ began of a technopark in the village of Bikrova near Ashgabat, the Turkmen capital. It will combine research, education, industrial facilities, business incubators and exhibition centres. The technopark will house research on alternative energy sources and the assimilation of nanotechnologies. Between 2010 and 2012, technological parks were set up in the east, south and north Kazakhstan oblasts and in the capital, Astana. A Centre for Metallurgy was also established in the east Kazakhstan oblast, as well as a Centre for Oil and Gas Technologies which will be part of the planned Caspian Energy Hub. In addition, the Centre for Technology Commercialisation has been set up in Kazakhstan as part of the Parasat National Scientific and Technological Holding, a joint stock company established in 2008 that is 100% state-owned. The centre supports research projects in technology marketing, intellectual property protection, technology licensing contracts and start-ups.

The EU is a worldwide recognised credible actor in international election observation. All over the world, the European External Action Service, in coordination with the European Union institutions, addresses EU foreign policy priorities, including civilian and military planning and crisis response. The Forum was also supported by the United Nations Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia , UNOCT’s Human Rights and Gender Section, and the Doha Office for Parliamentary Engagement. The event was made possible with the generous contributions of European Union and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jyldyz Toktorbayeva, with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan, and Ekaterina Gorbunova, with Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, are effecting change from within the system, through their passion and dedication.

  • Soviet authorities deported millions of people, including entire nationalities, from western areas of the Soviet Union to Central Asia and Siberia.
  • I would not put everything into a right shelve but these distinctions are very much dependent on the context and the environment where migrants work and socialize.
  • Although, so far we often saw the following wives of radicalized Islamic State followers traveling to Syria and Iraq among Central Asian nationals.

Radicalisation is a complicated matter which became recently not only hotly debated topic, but also a subject of academic inquiry. Radicalisation is a process of development of radical views on something and acting in the name of ideologies advanced by recruiters of the ideologies in question if it is in the name of God, race, nation or another belief. I just recently had a Facebook discussion with some authors who wrote much about radicalization and who were arguing that ethnicity matters. I said ethnicity or ethnic identity becomes relevant when this particular identity is under threat. For example, if an Uzbek feels that he needs to underline his ethnicity or nationality for whatever reasons and acts violently in the name of his ethnicity or nation, then we could argue ethnicity matters. In case a sending country advances the ideology with the name of which violence was acted, then we can also consider the country of origin as an important clue to explain the terrorist acts.

Central Asian Women Hit the US Road

Addressing climate change and getting the full potential from a sector like energy requires a diverse range of skills. Cultural diversity is one of the emblems of the EU and its Member States and a tool to strengthen cultural relations beyond our borders, to connect people worldwide, to share values, https://jinglunmetal.com/online-dating-takes-too-much-time-heres-how-to-be-more-efficient/ to improve international relations and to learn from each other’s practice. The EU maintains diplomatic relations with nearly all countries in the world and undertakes a range of actions with strategic partners, key international players, and emerging and developing powers. I consider myself lucky to be part of a growing number of women who have achieved the goals they set for themselves in their professional lives.

In Tajikistan, Rano Jumaeva has dedicated her entire career to advancing opportunities for girls, including girls with disabilities and girls in rural areas. Renata Ahmad, from Kazakhstan, and Saida Yusupova, from Uzbekistan, are paving the way for innovation in their respective fields. Renata heads a team of developers working on a project that helps diagnose lung diseases. This innovation contributed to the COVID-19 response efforts, helping hospitals analyze X-rays remotely. Saida, founder and CEO of Green Business Innovation, has been inspiring young people and entrepreneurs to “go green”.

Names of historical regions

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and juvenile delinquency are all epidemic in the region. However, they are only insignificant problems among the indigenous female population of Central Asia, because most women seem to philosophically accept their fate. The first day focused on presenting the existing UN architecture and incorporating gender perspectives in national action plans to prevent and counter violent extremism NAPs and related programmes. It also provided an opportunity for Central Asian Women Parliamentarians to reflect on their PCVE engagement in their respective countries.

Women head less than one third of small and medium business, and less than one fifth of large businesses. Overall, the share of working age women employed or seeking employment is lower than among men across all countries in the region. The black eyeliner known widely today as kohl was used much by both men and women in Egypt from around 2000 BCE—and not just for beauty or to invoke the the god Horus.